One Word To Boost Bookings

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One Word To Boost Bookings - by Jeri Goldstein     

Here is one word to boost bookings that you may not have thought of before.

I don’t know about you, but most artists I’ve worked with were in it for the long haul. And if there is one word that will help you build great, long-lasting relationships with presenters, staff people, tech people, other artists and any team members you may take on in the future, that word is, “Flexibility.”

Yes, flexibility is one of those traits that could keep you working in this business for a long time. Being flexible and easy to work with makes you a more desirable choice than someone who is stubborn when it comes to technical issues, or even arranging the right date in the right venue.

Now being flexible is in no way being a pushover or someone who compromises the integrity of the show or your art and the manner in which it is presented. No, that is being professional and maintaining your specific needs to present the best show you can is incredibly important.

But flexibility in other ways may pay off big time. Can you work with the tech crew on sound check time? Can you work with the hospitality folks when scheduling your meal before the show and on the items in your contract rider that are non-essential to you presenting your best show?

Each venue does things a bit differently and even though you may be specific about what needs to be done, can you be flexible about when it needs to be done based on their routine?

One Word To Boost Bookings:

I simply bring this up because when you are flexible throughout your life and your business, things seem to go more smoothly with less stress or drama. It helps you solidify your brief encounters with the professions with whom you must deal and turn them into longer lifetime professional and non professional relationships. Yes, flexibility will help you do that.

So how flexible are you around the small items? If you can be flexible around the small stuff then you’ll be able to take those lessons into the really big situations where it makes the most difference.

I also think flexibility teaches us when to be flexible and when something requires steadfastness and commitment to your core values. Those are the times to hold to your resolve and be unshakeable.

This week, assess your flexibility status and see what areas of your life and business could stand a touch more flexibility on your part and where you need to hold firm. By knowing your ideal situations and moments where a bit more flexibility might be beneficial to your relationship building, you just might add a few more folks to your list who are in your court for the long haul.

Here’s to the one word to boost bookings, flexibility. Let me know your thoughts.

Are you flexible when it comes to working with presenters and other industry professionals? What situations have you encountered where your flexibility has been an asset to your relationships?

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  • nina mars October 29, 2018, 1:38 pm

    Great advice Jeri! I’ve found this to be a key factor in getting re-booked. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Thanks for sharing all your great tips! Nina

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