Never Assume They Know What You Know

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Never Assume They Know What You Know - by Jeri Goldstein     

Never assume they know what you know when writing an email or creating promotional copy.

Did you ever get directions from someone and as you are actually driving along, you realize there are a few key details left out? Oh, and those details just happen to make all the difference in the world as to whether you arrive at your gig on time. It used to happen so many times, (before the days of accessible GPS). I realized that the person giving the directions has assumed I knew what they knew about the old gas station that “used to be on the corner,” the very corner where I needed to make a right turn. Been there, done that?

Never assume they know what you know. Making assumptions that someone knows what you are talking about when writing promo material or web copy or email correspondences is similar. You can never assume they know what you know about you, your art, your show, your programs or your requirements to get booked or put on your best show.

Just because you wrote a great description of your show on one page of your website, you can never assume they read that page and if they did, that they remembered what they read by the time they got to the second page.

Even when you think you are being crystal clear, you can never assume that they will understand what “it” means, if you don’t spell it out again a second time or what those cool initials mean if you don’t write it out time and time again. What makes sense to you because you know what you are talking about or writing about, may not make sense to them, because they don’t know what you know.

When you are writing an email or any marketing material, pretend you are the reader, the person who never met you before and never heard of you or read a single thing about you and your work. Then tell them your story as if they know nothing about you—as if you have to explain everything from scratch.

When you create letters, marketing materials, bios, pitches, scripts for phone calls with this in mind, you will be much more successful in getting what you want. When you don’t assume they know what the heck you are talking about and explain everything in greater detail with interesting descriptions, you will build better relationships with potential bookers, media and fans. Assumptions create misunderstandings and confusion. So, never assume they know what you know.

Communication is about clarity and specifics and assumptions have no place in your successful business strategy. This week, re-read your marketing materials to see whether you are assuming too much or whether you are truly being clear, concise and specific in all of your writing so that your readers will understand exactly what you are telling them or asking of them.

When was the last time you assumed someone knew what you know about your act? How did that work out for you?

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