Managing Distractions

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Managing Distractions - by Jeri Goldstein     

How well do you identify and manage distractions in your life and in your business?

I think we need to start with the first part and identify those distractions. Often we look at new things being offered up to us as great opportunities and sometimes they really are. Sometimes however they may simply be a distraction that takes us away from our main goals. Do you know when something is distracting you from your main goal?

Perhaps the question needs to be, do you have a clear focus on your main goals?

As this year is just getting started, it might be a perfect time to check your focus, get clear about your goals that you want to work towards throughout this year. Look back at last year and consider all those things that might have distracted you from accomplishing those things you set out to do last year. Make a list of those things that sidetracked you so you can spot them much sooner this year and even avoid them.

For me, when I was deciding to stop being a booking agent, I consistently got offers to do something for people in other industries that surprisingly looked a lot like booking. Instead of booking musical acts it might have been booking lecturers, but it was still booking. It might have looked a bit different, but it would still have distracted me from my main focus and I caught on pretty quickly and avoided going there.

Are you drawn to new projects that seem exciting to you because they touch upon some of your own interests, but when you dig in and look more closely, they reveal themselves to simply be another distraction from your main focus or your current project?

Your first step in avoiding distractions is to identify them. So start this week by making that list and then be very vigilant as new offers for exciting projects are brought to you. Make sure they are not another distraction keeping you away from achieving YOUR goals.

Next week I’ll focus on managing those distractions so you can stay on focus and reach your intended goals this year.

Have you noticed the types of things that distract you from your own goals?

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I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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  • Magnificent ONE January 14, 2019, 10:45 am

    Oh yeah, distractions?! FB – is a major one. A necessary evil? How do you handle social media, without getting sucked into the rabbit hole?

    • Jeri Goldstein January 17, 2019, 10:43 am

      Hi Cecilia, It is all about setting times to view and reply to your social media outlets. Plan your time on each of your outlets to do what you have to do first. Post your posts, reply to specific posts that you are waiting for responses to previous inquiries. Then set a time of day to review non essential items or have fun. But plan your postings and items to get your work done first.

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