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My live seminars are specifically designed to give participants access to the strategies, techniques, and information needed to boost their touring career immediately. As we focus on specific topics, each participant actively works on aspects of their own careers. Topics are offered to fit a specific theme for conferences or courses of study. Multiple topics may be selected based on the seminar presentation options chosen.

The highly interactive nature of my seminars ensures that each person receives my personal attention on their current projects and concerns. We work together individually and as a group to maximize each person’s potential.

I am committed to making information accessible. I offer specific, proven, step-by-step methods that make booking dates easier and more strategic.  I help participants learn how to target their marketing messages to hone in on their intended audience more effectively.

I work with Organizations, Arts Councils, Colleges & Universities and individuals to create a seminar opportunity specifically designed for your audience.


For Individual Performing Artists

Whether you are at the dawn of your career or have been performing for many years, attending one of my live, interactive seminars, will get your questions answered immediately and will put you on track to achieve your performing goals. As an individual artist of any musical genre or field of performance, you will gain insights into how to manage your performing career more efficiently and more effectively to book more gigs, increase your income and media coverage.

For Art Councils and Organizations

Performing artists play an integral role in the communities which you serve. They share their art with children in the schools and with the general public in all manner of community events. Now you can offer this unique seminar to help provide area performing artists with the tools they need to enhance their performing career.

For Arts Educators

Music Schools, Music Business Schools, Theater Arts, and Performing Arts courses may offer this seminar to provide students with a window into the business side of their art. These seminars offer practical advice to students planning a career as a performing artist or someone who works with performing artists.

Who Should Attend?

  • Performing artists
  • Agents
  • Managers
  • Presenters
  • Music students
  • Theater students
  • Arts administrators

Topics can be pre-selected to address your audience’s specific needs and your presentation time frame.

I’m excited to help make your next event truly exceptional for your attendees. Fill out the Inquiry Form and I will get back to you within 24 hours to make sure you reserve your preferred date.

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