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How to Book Gigs and Tour Profitably

Booking & Touring
Success Strategies & Secrets

As a touring artist, Getting Great Gigs is the backbone of a touring career. Knowing how to get great gigs is the key to a long and profitable career.

Sure you can “hope” some agent who knows what they are doing comes along and sweeps you up into their talent roster. But, what if they don’t?

Then you have got to rely on yourself or someone you train to get you all of those great gigs. So why not give yourself a huge advantage and take the guesswork out of the process, reduce those dreaded cold calls, create some booking momentum, adopt some new strategies that will last your whole career? Why not be the best damn representative of your act you can possibly be? Why wait another year before your play the gigs you want?

There is no reason to wait any longer. Now is the best time to start using all of the artist-tested strategies I’ve been talking about. Yet, there is so much more to this booking and touring game.

I’d like to share that with you now and tell you what else is in store for you when you join this year’s session of the Booking & Touring Success Strategies & Secrets Online Course.

But first-What can the course do for you?

1. Make you a better Negotiator

2. Help you plan tours that make money

3. Teach you the strategies Agents  use to book better tours

4. Familiarize you with contract clauses that can make you money

5. Develop planning & routing templates to maximize the number of gigs, increase your media coverage and grow your audience each tour

6. Create booking habits that make it easier to get return bookings

7. Increase the types of booking opportunities you consider as you plan your tours

And that’s just for starters…  

And the best thing is-you can do this course from home or while on the road, on your own schedule.

Briefly, here is what is in the course: 

Module 1: Tour Goals & Planning Strategies

Module 2:  Routing Your Tours

Module 3:  Negotiation Techniques & Contracts

Module 4:  Working with Presenters, Bookers, Promoters

Module 5:  Get Paid Playing Benefits

Module 6:  Sponsorships: Additional Income Streams

Module 7:  Targeting Your Markets for Maximum Audiences

Bonus #1: Website Maximizer class

Bonus #2: Copy Writing class

Bonus #3: 6 Weekly Video Chats Q & A with Me & Course Members

This course is completely downloadable.

    You do it at your own pace, on your own schedule. There is no travel involved, no hotels or extra expenses to take the course.

The course web page has all 7 modules of the course plus 2 bonus classes.

All 14 hours of audio are in MP3 format on one single Course Web Page. You may download your MP3s and listen on the go, while driving to your gig, on your computer, or wherever you like. Or just listen on the course web page.

 Each module includes a PDF Action Guide that you download to take notes as you follow along with the audio. The Action Guides also include live links to various resources covered in that module.

I’ve also included a PDF of the Transcript Outline to make it even easier to follow along.

Everything is on the web page for your convenience.

 The Bonus 6 Weekly Video Chats with Me:
    For those who are taking the course, I will schedule a weekly video chat on Zoom and send you the link to join each week. You may discuss any questions you have about that week’s course materials.

My normal consultation fee for just one-hour is $197.00, but these course video chats are free to course members for 6 weeks, (value-$1,182). Plus the 14 hours of booking & touring strategies, (that’s another $2,758 value).  

To find out more about the course, and begin to get a brief series of sneak previews of some of the actual strategies just sign the form on the page.

Booking & Touring Success Strategies & Secrets

And, if you know someone who may benefit from this course, or if you are trying to train your own in-house agent–this course will maximize their effectiveness for your business in record time–Then, pass this email along to them so they may also sign up.

I really am looking forward to working with you to help you learn the Booking & Touring Success Strategies & Secrets  so that you may reach your touring goals much, much sooner.

Registration Opens On Tuesday, March 6 at Noon (Eastern)



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