How To Write Audience Specific Press Releases

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How To Write Audience Specific Press Releases

How To Write Audience Specific Press Releases - by Jeri Goldstein     

Knowing how to write audience specific press releases can make a huge difference in how much press coverage you receive.

Writing press releases for an intended audience is not a one size fits all, scenario. If you want to broaden your outreach, you may need to narrow your focus and vary your writing to speak more directly to your various audiences.

Start with a basic press release that covers the main information you want to get across. This may be as short as a three or four sentence second paragraph. The first and last paragraph will normally include the informational who, what, where, when, why and how of the press release.

Here are three ideas to demonstrate how to write audience specific press releases:

  1. Identify the various audiences you are attempting to reach. This may include a list of the various types of media outlets, newsletters, organizations, fans and business people. Separate this list into categories. For example:

    general public media

    b. niche organizations with similar interests

    c. fans from specific niches such as churches, charities, schools

    d. business associates with specific functions who impact your career such as booking personnel, conference organizers, labels or industry executives.

  1. Review your basic press release. Then, tweak the basic press release to address the readers in each of the categories you’ve specified. You may need to add a sentence or change the tone of the press release or highlight something that would specifically interest members of that category.

Knowing and understanding who your audience is, is the crucial difference in how your press release is received, used and ultimately reacted to by the end reader. Does the writing reach the intended audience and cause them to act in the manner you intended?

  1. If you have a general press release on hand, look it over. Now for your next project, performance date, release or event, consider tweaking your press release to write specifically to the intended audience. It may mean that you send out three different press releases or even more.
  1. Then measure your results to see the responses. Each time, you may need to tweak it a bit more or really change it to fit the reader. Over time and with practice, you will have more media insertions, more responses, more additions to program copy and more ticket sales for your shows. How to write audience specific press releases may just mean the difference of your growing recognition in the markets you want to play.  

    Have you reviewed your press releases recently? Do you write audience specific press releases? Can you imagine how this might make a difference in your media coverage.

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