How To Manage Distractions

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How to Manage Distractions
How To Manage Distractions - by Jeri Goldstein     

How to manage distractions involves a series of 4 steps.

Last week I asked you to make a list of the various distractions that keep you from focusing on your goals and current projects.

Refer to this list often so you can become more keenly aware of the type of distraction that you are attracted to because it is familiar and comfortable to you.

We are all attracted to things, projects, people that feel familiar to us whether or not they are right or good for us at the time. For example you might run into an artist friend who suggests a recording project that really sounds exciting to you. It might be a fabulous project, but is it the right thing for you to do now.

To manage all the offers, all the great projects coming your way, all the distractions, let’s do four things first to decide whether this new idea will fit into your plans or derail your momentum.

How To Manage Distractions

First, review your recent goals:

This will give you a great start for this new year by taking the high priority projects you didn’t get to and see whether they are still a priority. If they are, those items top your list of goals for the coming year.

Second, consider your priorities:

What goals do you really want to work towards next. Among those for consideration you might add any of those new incoming offers that could possibly be a distraction.

Third,  review the new goals list: 

Look at all those new goals and lets get real here. If you have a list of ten major goals for the year, either you are super human or you are being unrealistic. There is nothing that adds to overwhelm faster than a long list of goals. Look at your list and lets pair it down to three main goals. By keeping your list small, you set yourself up for success to accomplish each one. By focusing on these three, you are more easily able to stay on track and avoid all those new bright shiny distractions that keep you from achieving your goals.

Now one last really important thing to consider:

Do these goals inspire you to jump in and work on them? Do they motivate you to get up each morning and get started right away? If they do not, you might want to rethink your goals. If you are not committed to them, inspired by them and eager to work towards them, then you will be more likely attracted to other interesting, exciting bright shiny distractions that come your way.

If you would rather do anything other than what you set out to do, then you just might have the wrong goals. Please examine your goals very carefully and be certain that they are a perfect fit for you at this time in your career and life.

I’m all for challenging yourself so you may grow, but if you choose something you are not ready for, you will find yourself distracted towards things you can more easily handle. In other words, don’t run the marathon before you can walk five miles. Make sure your goals are achievable for you at this time In your career.

Take some time this month to set yourself up for success this year. How to manage distractions is accomplished by committing yourself to your priorities and your goals.

How are you managing all the distractions that come your way? Are you someone who easily gets distracted from your priorities?

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