How About Booking Multiple Gigs In One Town?

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How About Booking Multiple Gigs In One Town - by Jeri Goldstein     

How about booking multiple gigs in one town?

Wouldn’t it be great to have multiple gigs in one town on the same tour? Just think of what that would do to your bottom line and travel expenses.

I thought I’d share some ideas on how to do just that by turning one gig in one town into multiple gigs in one town.

Let’s say you know of a venue in town you would either like to play or you already have a gig there.

Start with a little research about the town. Check the local websites for the town and the chamber of commerce to get some idea of what else is in the town. Look for schools, colleges, businesses and organizations. Also look for any locally sponsored annual events like fairs and festivals.

Now depending on the time of year you are planning to play that town, research the schools and colleges if it’s during the semester. Or research the fairs, festivals and other outdoor events if you are looking for gigs at that time of year.

The benefit of playing an elementary school or even a college gig means that it won’t interfere with the anchor date at a main stream venue like concert hall or club. And if you are able to offer master classes to a specific department at the school, it is even less likely that there would be audience interference. Possibly the master class might serve as an audience enticement for the main stream gig.

If you are unable to line up a main stream gig, then focus attention on your personal mailing list of fans or social networks in the area. Try to line up multiple house concerts within the same town.

The great benefit here is that by doing private events and house concerts for your personal fans, it is unlikely that there would be an overlap. Having two, three or even four house concerts in one town will likely serve different audiences since each fan has their own friends and family. So instead of playing a gig at a new venue for 2-6 people on a Saturday night, try house concerts or private events through your fan lists. You might be able to turn a potentially bad gig into a multi-night stay and play for 20 people or more at each house concert. This builds your market value for a future gig at a larger main stream venue.

So how about booking multiple gigs in one town?

Tap your fans for info about every gig you have booked right now and see if they can share some valuable background about their town. Use your fans to do some research for you and begin to extend your tours by multiplying your tour dates, one town at a time.

I challenge you to see how many different types of gigs you can book in one town. Be clever and really try to expand your bookings by exploring all each town has to offer and let us know how you are doing.

How many multiple gigs in one town have you ever played in a single tour? What varieties of gigs were you able to come up with?

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