Holiday Gratitude and Bye Bye to Biz Boosters

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Holiday Gratitude and Bye Bye to Biz Boosters

This is Thanksgiving week here in the U. S. and there is still plenty to be grateful for even during COVID, elections, crazy weather, and everything else going on in our world.

My big message to you is that I am grateful for your support all these years. I began my Biz Booster Hot Tips thirteen years ago and have offered 696 weeks of career boosting information in the form of Biz Boosters and now my Get Great Gigs Podcast. I hope they have been useful to you and have perhaps even inspired you in small and large ways.

As we head into the holiday and winter seasons, I will be preparing my next series of podcast interviews to start again in March of 2021. New Get Great Gigs Podcast episodes will be on a break until then, but the current season’s episodes are available on most podcast platforms and on the Get Great Gigs website. ( Links to each episode are below.)

It is time to bid new Biz Booster Hot Tips farewell. I hope you will avail yourself of all the previous Biz Booster Hot Tips which remain on the It has been such a joy preparing these Biz Booster Hot Tips with your career advancement in mind. And it was fantastic working with my dear friend, graphic artist, and web designer, Carol Ehrlich, at, to produce the Biz Booster graphic images.

To all the wonderful musicians who participated in my Biz Booster Theme contests, to all those whose music was selected, and to the band, Curfew, whose music was used as the theme for many years – Thank you!

I’ll be using this time to finish a book about my dad, Stroke Dialogues – Conversations with Dad, as well as produce the next round of podcasts.

If you haven’t yet had an opportunity to check out the premier series of Get Great Gigs Podcast episodes and listen to the inspiring interviews, I’ve provided the links to each episode below. Click the link to head directly to the show notes for that episode.

I wish you a wonderful holiday season as we look forward to better, healthier, more prosperous times ahead that will eventually include live gigs.

Cheers and thanks for years of support,


Get Great Gigs Season One Episodes

001 – Thinking Beyond A New Roadmap to Get Great Gigs

002 – David Wimble Interview – Indie Bible Directories

003 – Conference Strategies – Streaming and Live

004 – Eric Lambert Interview – APCA

005 – Erica Wheeler Interview

006 – Michael Carducci Interview – MAGO Talent

007 – Amber Shaverdi Huston Interview – NACA

008 – Dean Regan Interview

009 – Jessica Rosenblatt Interview – OAPN

010 – Aengus Finnan Interview – Executive Director Folk Alliance International

011 – Johnette Downing Interview

012 – Live Gig Procedures – COVID Style

013 – Lowry Olafson Interview

014 – Ruth Pelham Interview – The Music Mobile

015 – Best Weekend of the Year for Gigging – Streaming or Live

016 – Doug & Telisha Williams Interview – Wild Ponies

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Helping Musicians One T Shirt at a Time
Thanks to Carol Ehrlich for each week’s Graphic Image. Check out her work at
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