Hiring a CD Radio Promotions Company

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Hiring A CD Radio Promotions Company - by Jeri Goldstein     

Hiring a CD Radio Promotions Company is  the 2nd part of this multi-part series. I’d like to share the result-based decision process you may use when hiring a CD radio promotions company to promote a new CD.

This is a common expenditure among many musicians who desire the widest exposure for their music. It may be a decision you have grappled with or have even made to promote past or upcoming CD releases.

A radio promotions campaign is not cheap. It could cost as much or more than the manufacturing of 1000 CDs for an 8-12 week campaign. So this is not a decision to be made lightly or to think you must do it simply because everyone else is doing it. Or, what will it mean to your bottom line to be #2 on the appropriate radio chart?

Here are some of the questions you may want to ask yourself before hiring a CD radio promotions company.

      1. Will this campaign lead to more CD sales and how will I make that happen?

  1. How will I use the information provided by the company to leverage gigs in the areas where I am getting airplay?

    3. What factors will I use to determine the most logical touring markets in which to book gigs and am I getting that information?

    4. When will there be enough valuable information available to me to begin leveraging the airplay into booking gigs in high airplay markets?

  1. Can I actually use the information provided to me from a national campaign effectively and efficiently? Do I have the team to help me turn the money spent on the campaign into gigs I can get to? Can I do the follow-up necessary in all the markets to not waste the money?

    Now by being aware of some of these questions, can you see a theme emerging?
    Sure it’s great to gain radio audience awareness for your new CD-BUT then what?

Are you prepared to use the information to do two things: Book gigs and sell CDs. Aren’t these really the results you are after?

As you think of the money you might spend on a national radio campaign you must also think of the results you are after and how you can use the campaign to maximize those results. To do this, you must weigh the numbers.

National radio campaigns for 8-12 weeks costs $2400 approximately, plus the cost of sending out enough CDs for the number or radio stations on and offline needed by the promotions company. There may be other expenses you’ll have to pay as well.

Depending on your genre and radio market you might be sending out anywhere from 400 to 1500 CDs.

The cost of the CDs, unless it is a digital campaign, may average about $1.05.


400 CDs x $1.05 = $420

1500 CDs x $1.05 = $1,575


Now, if you just send to 400 radio stations nationwide and get back reports of medium to high airplay for a few of the songs on the CD—have you planned how you are going to use the information provided to you to recoup your investment? You need to know you can leverage the radio airplay in those markets into gigs and CD sales before you decide to spend the money on the campaign?

Consider these questions:

      1. How will you use the information to set up tours in high airplay markets?

  1. What time frame will you allocate to which markets in the first 3 months after the campaign? Then, where will the next markets be in the following 3 months and so on?
  1. How many gigs, at what fee, do you need to make back your investment?
  2. What are the most strategic markets to play first to maximize your results in the shortest amount of time?

With these questions at the forefront of your thinking before you make an investment like this, you are also able to ask very specific questions of the potential radio promotions companies vying for your business. You’ll now be looking for specific information so you can get the results you are after.

If the company doesn’t provide weekly reports, you know they are not right for your needs. If the company doesn’t do the kind of follow-up you need to get the necessary information you need to book dates in high airplay markets, they are not the right company for you.

Now you will be better prepared to enter into this campaign or you will be better prepared to decide not to at this time. You may decide to concentrate on alternative methods of accomplishing smaller goals. Perhaps you’ll decide to do a regional campaign on your own or with help from the group or by hiring someone internally.

This is meaningful result-based career decision-making. Plan for the results you need to make the investment worthwhile before you make the investment.

Have you been thinking about hiring a CD Radio Promotions Company for you next project? Have you thought about the above questions? What has your experience been in the past if you used a radio promotions company?

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