Higher Paying Gigs

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Higher Paying Gigs

Higher Paying Gigs - by Jeri Goldstein     

Higher paying gigs are just the ticket to boost your career.

Are you satisfied with the money you end up with at the end of a gig? Wouldn’t it be great to make more money each gig you book? You are worth it, right?

So how do you get them to start with a higher guarantee or a higher percentage? How do you get those higher paying gigs?

You need to use leverage.

Leverage is something that aides you, it helps you make easy work out of something that could be much harder. As a performer, you need to assess what you’ve got going for you that might help the booker see your true value.

So what have you got to help you leverage your way into a higher paying gig?

  1. You’ve got fans. Some are on your mailing list, some are connected to you through your various social networks. So how can you leverage those fans into something that could give you more value? You need to know approximately how many of those fans are in the areas where you are trying to book your gigs. You need to use those fan numbers to help demonstrate that you have audience nearby who would pay to see you at that venue. You need to tell the booking person what kind of campaigns you do to contact those fans, whether by email or by messages from your Facebook or twitter accounts. These kinds of fan numbers are leverage to help you get higher paying gigs.
  1. You’ve got connections to local media. If you do, then you need to talk those contacts up to the booking person and let them know, who you know and what you’ll be doing to contact them and get some media coverage going. Media contacts are leverage.
  2. You’ve had previous gigs in the area. If you’ve played there before, you need to use your record of past history to give the booker insights as to how well you might do in their venue by how well you did in the previous venue. Tickets previously sold is leverage for a higher fee.

These are just three ways that you can use leverage to get those guarantees or percentages raised. I hope you’ll take a look at your fan base, your media contacts and your previous gigs in an area and begin to use those valuable numbers to leverage your negotiations into some great higher paying gigs.

Give it try.

How have you used leverage to get some higher paying gigs?

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I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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