Helping Musicians in Need One T Shirt at a Time

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I'm Smiling at You Behind My Mask

Our new project is helping musician’s in need one T Shirt at a time.
My work with so many artists has made me acutely aware of just how much income has been lost due to COVID-19 cancellations. After a few weeks into the stay-at-home period, an idea began to blossom that would grow into a creative project to help musicians in need.

On one of my first outings for supplies, it struck me how much I missed seeing people’s facial expressions, now covered with masks. So, I said to the cashier, “I just want you to know that I’m smiling at you behind my mask.” And her eyes lit up and I could see she was smiling back behind her mask.

I told my friend and web designer about it, and Carol, created our, 

I’m Smiling at You Behind My Mask, graphic.
We put the image on a t-shirt to help convey our sentiments to others when in public.

Then, I wrote our upbeat song and invited some fabulous musicians to create our smile video, which is on our new website:

As independent contractors and self-employed workers, it is harder for many musicians to get unemployment benefits. Some have been successful while others have not.

And so, to help, we are donating a portion of the proceeds from every T-Shirt sold, to benefit MusiCares, a charity founded by the Recording Academy. MusiCares provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need. Many have already received assistance from MusiCares. We hope to add to their funds so they might help more music people.

Here are 2 ways in which you can participate:

1. You can let your fans know about the project
Send your fans a notice about the project by using our pre-written email template which you can personalize to suit your style:

Download Your Pre-Written Email Template

Then they can buy a T Shirt, video themselves singing the song wearing their T Shirt. Then post their videos to THEIR social media and send us a link so we can include THEM in our Global Smile Chorus. They’ll get full details at


2. You can join our Global Smile Chorus yourself

Buy a T Shirt Today

Download the words and song sheet from your receipt

Rehearse the song and when your T Shirt arrives

Video yourself singing the song wearing your shirt

Then share your video on YOUR social media and include the provided copy to help your fans find their way to

Here is the suggested Copy to Include with Each Posting:

I’m Smiling at You Behind My Mask
A T Shirt and Song Project
Helping Musicians in Need – One T Shirt at a Time
Go to to Help

Send us a link to your postings and we will add your video to our Global Smile Chorus.

It is all about helping us get through this Pandemic with a lighter heart and perhaps a helping hand.
We are excited that MusiCares is onboard with the project and we look forward to helping them continue to help music people in need.
We hope you will join us. Keep smiling behind your mask!
Helping Musicians in Need One T Shirt at a Time
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