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Erica Wheeler Interview - Episode 005

I often help artists discover their unique niche target audience to help them create viable, profitable, sustaining careers. That is why I’m so excited to share Erica Wheeler’s story with you. She is a singer singer/songwriter who created her a unique service for a specific audience. She designed her programs out of the love she has for nature and the environment.

Check out my lively interview with Erica Wheeler, a keynote speaker, a workshop experience and community engagement leader and yes, an award-winning singer/songwriter. She tapped into her passion for place to discover her niche. Go to this week’s Episode 005 to hear my interview. Erica Wheeler Interview– Episode 005


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Next week I’m interviewing Michael Carducci as he shares his solutions to one of the biggest challenges most artists deal with—how to maintain and nurture your relationships with prospective buyers, bookers and presenters.

Check out this week’s interview:

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