Have A Happy Thanksgiving

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Have A Happy Thanksgiving

Have A Happy Thanksgiving - by Jeri Goldstein     

Have a Happy Thanksgiving this week to all those celebrating in the U.S. Enjoy your friends and family. Hopefully you’ve got some gigs lined up for Friday or Saturday. If you don’t, then use some of your down time to check the community in which you are celebrating to see what sort of performance opportunities might be possible for future visits.

As a reminder, here are some ideas:

  1. Regular mainstream clubs, coffeehouses, concert halls
  2. House concerts
  3. Businesses and Organizations for private parties and fundraisers
  4. Elementary Schools, Colleges and Universities, (departments, clubs, organizations)
  5. Catering Halls, Civic Centers, Hotels, Conference Centers
  6. Ski Resorts and other Resorts
  7. Museums, Aquariums, Parks, Recreation Centers
  8. Local City Government produced events
  9. State & Local Arts Councils
  10. Religious Organizations
  11. Sports Facilities and Clubs
  12. Wineries and breweries and tasting rooms

I think you get the idea that there is so much more to each community than just the main venues you might think of at first glance. Most regional or local directories listing venues, don’t dig deeply enough into all the possibilities that might be tapped. That is why I rely on directories as an additional resource, not the only one.

It is never too early to begin your research for gigs for the next year. Planning ahead two years in advance opens many more doors for you to scout for future potential tour dates.

Check local news listings for who is playing this coming weekend and where. It will serve as a great start to your database of venues. Then branch out and take a drive through the community to see what else is around the town and take notes. If you are visiting a new town, ask your hosts, friends or family about their community. That will get you started.

A great way to use your social media network is to just ask them about their communities and what sort of venues and outside-the-box performance possibilities exist. Get them involved in recommending places they like to see live music and performances.

And don’t forget to check on local radio stations, college radio and TV stations for other performance and interview opportunities. Pick up the local arts newspapers along with the weekend and daily papers. See who is reviewing live shows or CDs. Check out the calendar listings. That will reveal a ton of information.

So have a Happy Thanksgiving. Make it even better by doing a bit of research. Get to know the communities where ever you end up this holiday season. They just might be the starting point for a great tour in the future.

Travel safely and enjoy!

Have you ever explored the towns where you were visiting for Thanksgiving? Have you discovered new leads for future tours?

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I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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