Great Marketing Strategy To Get Gigs

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Great Marketing Strategy To Get Gigs - by Jeri Goldstein     

Here’s a great marketing strategy to get gigs, get media coverage and sell tickets.

It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to book a gig or get your press release in a local paper. It makes no difference whether you are booking a local gig or trying to open a new market or play in a new venue. There needs to be something familiar that people can identify with before they will book you or buy a ticket to your events. Large and small venues like to book sure bets, often it seems to be name acts that will sell tickets.

What if you are just not there yet? What if you are NOT a name act? One artist said to another, “My dream is to be a household name. The other artist said, “OK, AJAX, let’s play the next tune.”

How do you get booked? How do you break into a new market without losing your shirt? I want to help you avoid making this one marketing mistake so many artists make by incorporating a great marketing strategy to get gigs, get media and sell tickets.

When you are unknown, your name is not going to help sell you and bookers know that. You have trouble selling your act to bookers because they know they will have trouble selling you to their audience. Most artists rely on their name or the name of the act or band or ensemble to create the marketing oomph they require. Well, it just ain’t gonna happen, in most cases. A perfect example of this happens all the time where I live now in Florida. There are shows all over. When I ask some friends who performed or who are they going to see, their response is, “a singer and a comedian,” or “a jazz group,” or a “dance act.” They never remember the name. But when they see a show about Broadway Tunes, or a Holiday Show, they remember the theme and sometimes even the title.

So you need to help build your name recognition by creating excitement by naming your programs. Learn from theater and Broadway and dance. They give their programs names. If they name the show well, it sells no matter who the actual performers are. You can always add the term “Featuring (your name),” in order to build the connection.

Holiday shows often sell well because they have snappy names like, “The Sounds of Christmas” and “Songs for the Yuletide.” People buy tickets to something familiar.

If you are struggling to get booked or get media coverage by using your name alone, look over your material, put your songs or pieces together in an interesting manner and then name the program. Create multiple programs, but don’t overdo it. change your programs every year or two to get booked back at your favorite venues. You will have a much easier time marketing the program than trying to market your name. Eventually, your name becomes associated with your great programs.

Your ego may need to take a back seat for a bit, but, in the long run, the results will be worth it. So start using this great marketing strategy to book gigs, get media coverage and sell tickets. You will see a huge increase in all three of these areas when you do.

Do you create and promote programs? Has it made a difference in your bookings?

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I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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