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Go From Good To Great - by Jeri Goldstein     

Just how do you go from good to great as a performer?

It occurred to me that this is something that might be of interest to you as your career evolves. I would put this topic under the heading, Goals For Your Show.

I want to focus on one goal in particular that will help your show go from good to great. This topic is Responsibility—Responsibility for your audience’s enjoyment of the event.

Perhaps you haven’t thought about it in this term, maybe you’ve never used the word Responsibility to define your job up there on the stage. And yet, isn’t that exactly what you hold in your hands, within your control—the responsibility to ensure that those who have chosen to attend your event, whether they’ve paid or not, have a great and memorable entertainment experience.

When viewed like that, you can either have a freak out moment as you view your number 1 job OR you can have a moment of awakening as you reaffirm why you are doing this work in the first place. Now with this new awakening you can begin to take your performance to a completely different place and go from good to gr

When your focus is your audience’s memorable entertainment experience, you step on stage completely concerned with three things.

1.What more can I give them to make sure they’ve had a great time?

2. What more can I do to make sure they are moved by what I do?

3. What more can I do to make sure they’ve enjoyed the event?

By setting your show goals to make your responsibility for those outcomes your number one job, you’ll put the time in before hand to prepare properly and be ready to entertain. You’ll arrive with your mindset focused on the audience’s experience rather than any personal situations or annoyances in your life.

With your audience’s experience your main focus, you’ll raise the bar much higher for your performance.

Be a Responsible performing artist and take on this number one job. Be prepared to step on stage with your audience’s entertainment experience your number one concern. It just might be exactly the thing to help make your performance go from good to great.

Do you take responsibility for your audience’s entertainment experience seriously? What are some of the things you do to make your show go from good to great?

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I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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