Gigs You Should Be Playing

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Gigs You Should Be Playing

Gigs You Should Be Playing - by Jeri Goldstein     

Gigs you should be playing are the ones where the whole community comes out for a local event. Some events will have entertainment. Are you playing at any of these events? If not, then we need to talk.

What’s so great about playing at community events or celebrations on special holidays? Well for one thing, you would be seen by your entire community, perhaps, some will be seeing you for the first time. An event like this could introduce you to some new fans. So if you are not playing any of these events, let’s plan on researching these types of events for the rest of the year. Think about each of the major holidays, special happenings unique to your area, business sponsored events, organization sponsored events, charitable events, tourist area events and destination events like conferences or family celebrations.

These are all events that may offer performance opportunities for crowds gathering for reasons other than paying for a ticket to specifically see you. But, see you they will.

Here’s what you need to do in order to play one of these events at times throughout the year.

  1. Get every newspaper that is put out in your community: the daily, the weekly arts paper and check online on your city’s website or on the chamber of commerce website. Check during a month when there is likely to be special events occurring, such as around the 4th of July or Veteran’s Day or any of the upcoming holidays, especially New Year’s Eve. Many cities host First Night Celebrations, all with tons of entertainment. Look for all the community events happening in your area and make note of who is presenting the event. Often it might be the city or the county or some community group like the volunteer fire department or a department within a local government agency.
  1. Make a list of all the gigs you see listed along with the presenting agency or organization.
  1. Look up that organization online and get a contact name.
  2. You may be in time for an upcoming event but if not then as soon as the event is over, get in touch with that person and ask if you may submit your information to be considered for next year’s event. Start this process now so you don’t forget and leave it until it’s too late again next year.
  3. Find out when they book the event and find out what other events they produce throughout the year, so you can be on the call list.

This is a great time to get familiar with some gigs you should be playing close to home. So if you want to do less traveling and still get out in front of a large audience, start doing this research now. Then, you’ll no longer be hoping to play the gigs you should be playing, you’ll be playing them.

Are you playing some large gigs in your community? How did you go about getting booked at those gigs?

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