Gigs On The Best Gig Weekend Of The Year

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Best Weekend Of The Year To Gig

Gigs On The Best Gig Weekend Of The Year - by Jeri Goldstein     

Have you got any gigs on the best gig weekend of the year? Have you booked your gigs for Thanksgiving Weekend yet?

I know its early November. I was reminded of planning for Thanksgiving just the other day when a friend asked if they could bring another friend to thanksgiving dinner.

I often do a Biz Booster tip about booking gigs around Thanksgiving weekend the week before Thanksgiving. So this year I thought I’d give you a head start in case you still have that weekend open.

Yes, I know you may be traveling to visit friends and family-perfect! They will just love seeing you perform in their home or in a neighbor’s house or down at the local club, or coffeehouse.

It has been proven that Thanksgiving Weekend is probably the best Friday and Saturday night of the year for gigging. So I wanted to just remind you to start looking around for an appropriate type of gig for yourself on one or both of those nights. Why is it the best weekend?

Just think about it. People travel from their home to visit friends or family in another town, or people stay at home in their own town and host friends or family. By Friday night everyone is probably itching to get out of the house and away from the leftovers and family dramas. What better way to take advantage of people needing to escape to something fun and different, than offering a house concert, or a performance at a local venue? Believe me, many artists are already on the schedule, so why not you and why not this year?

Now with only three weeks to book those gigs, I’d get on it this week if you are not already booked.

If you are visiting friends and family, ask them if they want to put on a house concert and invite all the neighbors who are probably also going to be thrilled to get out of their house for the evening. Or, call those you are visiting and ask them about local venues, radio stations or local promoters in the area. Then get on the web and do some research, see whether they are booked. If they are, maybe you could open and begin building a following in the area. If they are not booked, great! Get yourself some gigs on the best gig weekend of the year. If they are booked, bring some promo and begin your relationship to get on their radar for next year.

It’s not too late to get a few extra fall gigs that are bound to be some of your best. Turn your holiday and those that come to see you into some of the best gigging nights of the year.

Have you lined up any Thanksgiving weekend gigs yet? Have you ever played gigs on this weekend and how were they?

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I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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