Gigs In Your Own Market

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Gigs In Your Own Market

Gigs In Your Own Market - by Jeri Goldstein     

Are you missing some potential opportunities for gigs in your own market because you are focused on touring two or three states or countries away from your home base?

Some of the best gigs might just be surrounding your own home town. If you’ve been paying attention to the various types of events going on in your community, you might have noticed many of them feature music of some sort. Somebody is getting those gigs, why not you?

Here’s a list of some possible gigs in your own market that happen on a regular basis—some during the warmer weather, others can happen any time of the year. Perhaps your town, county or province has some similar types of events where your act can get booked.

Potential Gigs In Your Own Market

  1. Winery festivals and concert series
  2. Summer downtown free pavilion events
  3. County fairs
  4. Grand openings
  5. Car dealership tent events
  6. Sorority & Fraternity parties
  7. University homecoming events
  8. Sports events
  9. Arts Council concert series
  10. Elementary school assemblies
  11. Library concert series for nursery schools and for adults
  12. First Night- New Years Eve concerts
  13. Genre specific festivals, like Blues, or classical music fests
  14. University Department specific sponsored parties, special events and series
  15. Museum concert series
  16. Business, organizational sponsored special events
  17. Civic or Conference Center events sponsored by incoming organizations
  18. Catering hall events
  19. Farmer’s Markets
  20. Craft Fairs

All of the above are largely events outside the normal clubs or performing arts centers. They may be sponsored by local businesses, organizations, government entities, schools or universities.

Research Gigs in Your Own Market

One of the best ways to research these kinds of events is simply to pick up the local weekly papers. Sift through the calendar listings as well as the various sections of the paper to see what’s been going on and what’s coming up beyond simply the Entertainment sections. Sometimes communities have monthly arts calendars that list events upcoming over a period of multiple months. These are great to collect throughout the year to get an overview of your community during the various seasons.

This seasonal approach can provide you with a database of events which you can delve into for the next year. Start to gather these resources now, so you can be ready to make calls to the appropriate entities and get your act on the list of names to be considered. It’s never too late to start your list of potential new opportunities for gigs in your own market.

Have you tapped into the wealth of gigs in your own market? What have you come up with?

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