Gig-Booking Tips for the Holidays

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Holiday Gratitude and Bye Bye to Biz Boosters
Gig Booking Tips For The Holidays - by Jeri Goldstein     

As the holiday’s approach I thought I would review some Gig-Booking Tips for the holidays to get some last-minute holiday gigs.

This is where referrals from friends, family and business associates can come in handy.

Concentrate on contacting people you know and with whom you do business, such as friends and family and their places of business or their affiliate organizations. Ask them if their
office intends on having any holiday events or parties where they might need some entertainment. Ask for a contact referral to the party coordinator and make your pitch using your contact’s name.

Also, Check with those on your local mailing list and suggest to some of the more die-hard fans that you are available for a holiday house concert. Perhaps they also have a business or organization
where they work and can offer a referral for you to play at their holiday party.

One potential list of gig opportunities rests with your students if you teach any voice or instrument or drama lessons. Here you may find a wealth of possibilities since the parents of your students already know and like you. After all, they trust you with their child’s education in their chosen form of artistic expression. Why not have a chat with the parent after a lesson and leave them a brochure of your holiday offerings. Find out whether they are having a party at their office or organization. Use the connections where you already have built good relationships. This is much easier than trying to cold-call local businesses with whom you have absolutely no relationship.

Gigs around the holidays can often be challenging as so many people have parties. So why not play at those parties. Find out who among your friends, families and business associates are planning parties and suggest your group as the entertainment.
It just might put you in front of an appreciative audience, without the competition of other events interfering and the worry about ticket sales. It may introduce your group to some new folks who might book you for their event in the future.

These gig-booking tips for the holidays might just put a little extra jingle in your pocket and make their event special.

How do you go about getting holiday gigs?

Leave me a comment below.

I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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