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There is a fine line between professional prodding and being a pest. Those everyday check-in calls can put a booker off, yet make only one call and never follow up and you get nowhere. 

So you might try this alternative method of getting your name in front of a venue booker, festival, director, library or school coordinator or presenting organizational program organizer.

Begin a process of inviting these potential gig buyers to gigs you already have scheduled at nearby venues. This invitation has a number of advantages.

  1. It lets them know you are out there playing. This gives them an opportunity to check the schedule of the upcoming gig venue and even call the venue to talk with the programmer.
  2. It is a kind way to connect with this buyer without asking them for anything. You are instead inviting them to an event, with two guest tickets reserved for them at the door. Even though the likelihood of them attending at first, may be slim, it doesn’t matter. The fact that you invited them, puts your name before them again.
  3. After the gig, if they show up, you can reconnect to thank them for coming. Yet another chance for them to get to know you or hear your name and possibly think more seriously about working with you. If they don’t come to the gig, no problem. Then you can drop them an email with a quote from the gig organizer, letting them know how well it went with hopes that perhaps they can make it the next time you play in the area.
  4. If you know when you’ll be returning to the area, you might drop them an after-gig email with that timeframe noted and send your regrets that you didn’t get to meet at the gig this time around.

This process can be used to invite potential gig organizers, media reviewers, and industry professionals. If you get in the habit of making a list of these potential invitees for each current gig you already have on the 
calendar, you’ll find yourself making faster connections with these folks. You’ll also find it easier to extend an
invitation than to ask for a gig. At some point, they just might show up to the gig when enough invites are issued.
This process gives you multiple points of contact without bugging them for a gig. It also offers them multiple
opportunities to learn more about you, see you in action and recognize how much market value you may offer
to their venue at some point, given all these other performance occasions.

These are all great ways to influence a prospective buyer, reviewer or industry professional. Get your list ready and put this strategy to work right away. Fall tours are happening and you’ve got gigs on the books. This is a great time to test this out. You may just make some progress on booking next year’s gigs, now.

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