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How to Book Gigs and Tour Profitably
Get paid higher gig fees by building your value in each market.
But, how do you build your value? 
One way is to track every gig you play in and around each market. Track your audience numbers, your merchandise sales, the percentage of seats sold in relation to the size of the venue, the weather on the day of your gig, whether any other events might have presented a conflict for your audience and what sort of media coverage you got.
Now when you have hard, cold facts like numbers, you are better able to negotiate the next gig by leveraging the facts to increase your guarantee
or your percentage or both.
The numbers tell the truth about your value in the market. The numbers allow you to represent yourself to each booking person more professionally, removing
that emotional element that makes you feel like it’s personal. When you have your numbers backing you up, it becomes very clear whether you will be good
for the venue’s business or not.
If you want to establish your value in any marketplace, keep a good record of each date you play in every market and in every venue. If the numbers are growing and support your desire for a higher fee, it will be clearly available for the booker to see. Hyperbole will be unnecessary because the numbers will demonstrate that you deserve more money based on the facts.
So do your career a favor and start tracking all of your numbers so you may leverage the facts into higher paying gigs.
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