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I could use your expertise.

As a Biz Booster Hot Tip follower, you may have some favorite topics that have been particularly helpful. You may also have some concerns that have not been addressed. I’d like to turn your topic ideas and desires to learn more, into an episode of my forthcoming Get Great Gigs Podcast

There you have it, I’ve just announced that I’m creating a new Podcast.

We are in the early planning stages. The idea is to take some of the favorite topics from 11 years of past Biz Booster Hot Tips and dive more deeply into each one.

The weekly podcast will become mini-master classes on important booking & touring, career-boosting topics. This is where your expertise is invaluable. You know your concerns and challenges. You know the areas of your business that you struggle with daily. With your help, the Get Great Gigs Podcast will be a place for answers, a resource to help your business to flourish.

Please share your ideas for building-a-touring-career topic you would like me to cover in the podcast. It might be one your favorite past Biz Boosters or something I haven’t yet covered. If you have a topic that you are struggling with, you can bet other touring artists have similar concerns. By sharing your ideas for topics, not only will you be helping your own touring success, but you just might be impacting other artist’s careers as well. And, when I use your topic, I’ll give you a shout-out and a thanks on the podcast and link to your website.

I’m very excited about making this leap into the podcasting world. It will give me an opportunity to also interview leaders in our industry and share their expertise with you. This weekly, deeper exploration of pertinent touring, career-growth topics will be a great way to help you continue to Get Great Gigs.

Leave your topic ideas on this blog post Get Great Gigs Podcast in the comments section.

Title the comment: Get Great Gigs TOPIC IDEAS

OR send an email with the words “Get Great Gigs Topic Ideas” in the subject line.

Thanks for sharing your expertise and helping me create a much better podcast.

There will be another way you can participate, but I’ll share that with you soon.

With great appreciation,




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  • Bonni McKeown April 3, 2019, 10:39 am

    I have your book Jeri, and appreciate your very practical tips. This problem may be unusual for you: I’m helping my partner LArry Taylor, an authentic heritage Chicago bluesman, with booking and publicity. Bio & videos at
    Larry carries the tradition, is a powerful singer and bandleader. We are activists who have spoken, politely but definitely, for blues music to benefit the Black community it comes from. Community groups have hired us on the West Side but lockout in the white-controlled blues festivals and clubs have locked us out, like Paul Robeson in the 1950s. I’ve written many articles in my blog explaining our position. It’s a tight little circle and we believe the answer is to cultivate new audiences for the blues and pitch to them. Also, Larry is a Muslim and has made clear he stands for human rights for ALL people. I think people need a figure like him to bring us all together right now. Any thoughts?

  • Krista April 7, 2019, 8:18 am

    Wow!! Congratulations on your new podcast Jeri!! There’s so many topics I’d love to learn more about!
    Email newsletters, social media, how to sell more merch and what to sell, how to schedule my time wisely, how to build an amazing fan base and how to best keep in touch after you’ve connected with fans in tour, obviously… how to get more bookings.
    How to get sponsors for concerts in other states… the list goes on forever. Just call me when you need more ideas. Ha! Thanks for ALL you do! I do appreciate your hard work!

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