Focus on Your Fans for the Holidays

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focus On Your Fans for the Holidayss
Focus on Your Fans for the Holidays - by Jeri Goldstein     

Focus on your fans for the holidays. Here are some ideas of how.


When you focus on your fans, the ones who have signed up on your mailing lists, bought your CDs, shown up at your concerts, you can always come up with new ways of creating value for them—and in turn yourself.


Think about what your fans want, their concerns especially at this time of year. Everyone’s busy with holiday happenings, parties, shopping, giving and getting gifts.


So how can you create something of value for your fans who are thinking about those things without being all sales-like?


What kind of creative ideas can you come up with to help them out with their holiday concerns?


Now be creative.


Sure, you want to sell CDs. So, what kind of package deals can you come up with to move those CDs and help your fans with their gift-giving problems— boxed sets for instance?


Can you gift wrap and drop ship and include a gift card to your fan’s recipient? Harry & David, the fruit and gift basket people do it—you can too.


Can you create a holiday ring tone with one of your songs?


Can you offer a special discount gift certificate to upcoming shows?


How about a show of the month club where your fans might purchase gift tickets to one of your shows in different cities for their friends and families over the course of the year?


I know you’ve got some ideas that will satisfy your fan’s needs, wants and holiday desires. Don’t leave all the money for Amazon.


What about offering a gift certificate for a concert in their home or one of their friend’s homes? Now that would be one of those big-ticket items, but someone might just bite.


How about offering a commission for an original song for their special occasion? Another big-ticket item that just might be perfect for a special fan on your list.


So, let’s not get all bah humbugged out over the state of the world and let’s have some fun with a focus on your fans for the holidays. They’ll appreciate you more for your thoughtfulness and think of you as such a creative artist for coming up with these wonderful ideas.


Have fun with this. Just a few more weeks to go and it’s on to a new year.


What kinds of ideas are you coming up with to focus on your fans for the holidays? What worked in the past that you might revamp and take to new heights?


Leave me a comment below.


I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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