Focus On Your Big Ticket Items

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Focus On Your Big Ticket Items - by Jeri Goldstein     

Do you focus on your big ticket items?

Have you ever considered how many CDs you must sell in order to equal the fees you get for playing your gigs? Think about this now and then take a look at your website. Now what is the first thing you are trying to promote to your visitors, your CD or how to book you for a gig?

Most websites I view are focused on selling their CDs above anything else. That is a $10, $15, or $20 item. Even if you are booking lower paying gigs, say at $300, it will take 20 CDs at $15 to equal a single gig. Don’t you think your bottom line deserves, no demands, that you focus on getting the gigs before you try and sell the CDs? After all, the more $300, $3000 or so gigs you get, it is likely that you will sell many more CDs at the shows rather than from your website.

Clearly this logical thought process requires that you refocus the focus of your website, your home page and landing page to promote how a booker might book you and what programs you offer. The more you focus on the big ticket items and enticingly present your shows, the more gigs you’ll book. Then and only then you will easily increase your CD sales.

Picture yourself at a party meeting folks for the first time. Do you set up a CD table near the onion dip and display your products? I think not. You don’t try to sell anything upon first meet. You get to know the folks, share bits of information about yourself to begin to build a relationship before you ask them to buy something. Well it is the same with your website, you don’t want to open your door and say, “buy my CD” before saying, “hello and welcome.”

Even more importantly though, when you focus your visitor’s attention on your CD rather than your gig availability and programs, you do yourself and your income a great disservice.

When you focus on your big ticket items, like concert bookings, workshops, residencies and festival programs, the smaller items will sell more easily and you’ll increase your income exponentially. Direct your website visitor’s attention to your big ticket items. Your fans will discover your shows more easily and then those inclined towards buying your CDs will eventually find them and buy them. But, isn’t it the bookers whose attention you ultimately want to entice to book you for another great gig?

So what is the focus of your website? Could you use a little refocusing. Take a look this week to see whether you are struggling to book gigs because you need to focus on your big ticket items.

I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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