Focus On The Right Gigs

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Focus On The Right Gigs

Focus On The Right Gigs - by Jeri Goldstein     

Focus On The Right Gigs

Focus on the right gigs for you that is.

It doesn’t really matter whether other acts are playing certain venues. What matters is that you focus on the right gigs and play the venues that are right for YOU.

So how do you know what venues are right for you? You need to know two important things to help you determine the right venues.

First, you need to know yourself as an artist and your lifestyle needs.

Second, you need to know who your audience is and where they enjoy seeing live music.

To help with these, here are some questions to assess your choice venues, know your performance preferences and understand where your audience is most comfortable.

Focus on the Right Gigs Assessment

  1. Your age and the age of your audience are huge factors. These may influence the venue type, the venue location as well as the gig time. Use this age factor as a starting point, as it may have a great influence over your venue choices.
  1. Your family and lifestyle make a difference.
    If you have kids that require early morning activities, playing shows beginning at 11pm may prove to be difficult.
  1. Are you fond of a seated, attentive audience, rather than one that is constantly changing over the course of the night?
  1. Do you like to be part of a multi-performer event such as a festival?
  1. Can you offer workshops, master classes or seminars at colleges, or lower grade schools?
  1. Are you comfortable planning 18-24 months in advance in order to play at larger performing arts centers?
  1. Do you have the financial backing to attend various conferences or apply to showcase at booking events?
  1. Do you identify with a specific niche audience who often have private events for their niche?

By focusing your attention on the venues suited to your lifestyle and preferences, you may easily eliminate those venues that are unsuitable for you allowing you to concentrate your booking efforts.

Spend some time thinking about the questions and statements above and really hone in on your perfect venue type. You’ll be amazed at how much more clarity this brings to your booking inquiries, how much less time you spend talking with inappropriate bookers and how much more time you are able to work towards creating great tours at venues you love playing. Focus on the right gigs and you will begin to create a much more successful career.

Do you focus on the right gigs for your act? What have you done to help you make the transition?

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