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Find Great Summer Gigs - by Jeri Goldstein     

Want to find great summer gigs to build your summer tours, open new markets and develop new audiences? Spring, summer and fall are a great time for community based and outdoor gigs. Sure there are all those large festivals, performance sheds, pavilions and state fairs. But, let’s face it; they are looking for major acts to bring in the crowds. If you are one of those acts, then you’ve got lot’s to do at this time of year. If you are not quite there yet, then you also have some great opportunities to get yourself in front of local communities looking for outdoor, daytime or evening events.

So before the summer gets away from you, here’s a little research project that just might open some new venue doors for you this year and for years to come. It will help you find great summer gigs more easily and much more profitably.

  1. Wherever you live, check with the local city or town government for any outdoor festivals, community concert events sponsored by the town or local community. Make a note of the contact. You may be too late for any spring gigs, but might be just in time find great summer gigs and fall gigs.
  2. Check with local Chambers of Commerce for business sponsored events done in conjunction with the community governments.
  3. Check with local wineries in your area for food and wine festivals or concert series.
  4. State and National Parks departments have programming for those who travel on vacation to the parks throughout this time of year.
  5. RV Parks also have a variety of programs for their guests.
  6. Check with local, town, county or provincial parks and recreation departments for programming that they may offer.
  7. A great resource that is often over-looked, is simply the local newspaper or weekly alternative paper. They are listing upcoming events right now that you should be paying attention to for your future gigs.
  8. Check for a local county Arts Council monthly magazine. They will list all sorts of venue opportunities throughout the year, so start collecting them now. Each monthly listing will give you great ideas, introduce you to many new venues, and help you build a database of many local gigs that are annual or seasonal.

When you think beyond the regular clubs and concert venues you open yourself up to new audiences and new performance and media opportunities. Begin your research now to find great summer gigs. Don’t stay stuck in a rut of only playing where all the other groups are playing. Step outside the competitive mainstream venue grind and find yourself some moderately well paying to very well paying gigs and get some sun.

What steps have you taken to find great summer gigs that get you in front of new audiences?

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