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On Tuesday I shared a touring pattern with you that you can use to build your home base of support, build your audience, and develop solid media relationship in your town and those towns nearby. The Prosperity Touring Pattern also is designed to save you money on travel expenses while you
begin to create a regional awareness.

Now I’d like to take the Prosperity Touring Pattern to the next level. Using the Prosperity
Touring Pattern
as your template, the Expansion Touring Pattern helps you build out from
your home base and truly become a regional act. But, the beauty of this template is that you may select other markets further outside your home base and create other solid bases of support.

I used this method with my artists as we developed solid bases in various parts of the country
where they had interest from some fans. So we had something happening in the Northeast, the Midwest, the Northwest and Central West coast. In each area we used this base of support to start
another center-out expansion. As we moved out from the center, we built another solid regional base.

Touring Pattern # 2: Expansion Touring Pattern

1. Use the Prosperity Touring Pattern as a Template
The beauty of this touring pattern is that you can use it anywhere in the world that you want to build
a solid base or support. Focus on your various choice markets. Then apply the concentric oval pattern.
Now you can see all the likely spots to include in your ever-widening expansion.

2. Expand Outward
Once you’ve built a solid base in any market, widen your pattern to increase the radius by 50, 100, 200 miles. The wider you go within the radius, the more markets you’ll include, yet the pattern still offers the same benefits as does the Prosperity Touring Pattern. You are still overlapping media, engaging fans so they can continue to follow you or tell their friends in nearby towns and your travel expenses still remain low, although you may find it necessary to have housing expenses now and then. The other benefit that comes into play now though, is there is less wear and tear on you as your travel time
is shorter between gigs since your touring pattern is tighter.

3. Build Out by County, by State, by Region, by Country
And as your Expansion Touring Pattern continues to grow and overlap, you begin to see something similar to raindrops in a pond. Each drop reaches the edge of the next drop. Audiences begin to overlap as you build new fans, media begins to overlap as you reach new markets and the awareness of your act begins to take solid roots to help make bookings much easier. As the buzz grows within each concentrated area, your leverage with bookers, businesses, colleges and organizations increases.

Expand Your Market Reach

I hope you begin to use this Expansion Touring Pattern to create tight pockets of fans in multiple markets. By building a regional loyal fan base, you have more options for gigs in a tighter touring areas, you save money, develop a regional reputation and begin to get more gigs for higher fees. When the media helps build the buzz and the fans keep turning out, more bookers with be inclined
work with you.

In a few days I’ll share the 3rd Touring Pattern which just may change the way you’ve been
booking gigs forever. It made a huge difference in the way I booked my acts. Check your touring plans now and see how you can begin to put this Expansion Touring Pattern to immediate use.

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