Email Campaigns With Venue Bookers

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Email Campaigns with Venue Bookers - by Jeri Goldstein     

Have you tried email campaigns with venue bookers?

Do you have your fan list, your media list and your venue booker list all lumped into one. Talk to your audience about the things they are interested in. Have your messages be specific to each specific audience. It’s fine to send your whole list a newsletter; but now let’s focus on each of your audience members and create a strategic method of using emails to have an effective conversation with each separate group.

This week, let’s focus on getting gigs and a creative way to use an email campaign to maximize your contact with your past and potential venue bookers.

  1. Create a separate contact list for venue bookers if you don’t already have one. Pull those names and emails from recent contracts.
  1. Now if you are using an email service for your newsletter, check to see if they have auto-responder capability including follow-up messaging or what might be called a “Legacy Series.” When using a service with this feature, you are able to set up, in advance, a series of emails, timed to send on a specific date at strategic intervals, such as once a week for 5 weeks. Just think of the possibilities!

Here are a few examples to get your juices flowing:

Pick 5 important things you would like a new venue booker to know about you and your act. Each week, for 5 weeks, send a brief email that focuses their attention on being introduced to that aspect of your act. Include a link back to your site where that piece of bio, music sample, media kit or whatever you choose is discussed in fuller detail. The next week they get another single piece of important info further familiarizing the booker with you and your act. By the final week, they have gained greater incite into who you are without you pestering them with calls begging for gigs. On that final email you can offer a call to action with touring info in their area and any open dates where they might fit into your tour.

Another idea might be to set up a couple of emails timed in a similar manner while booking a tour in a specific region. Each week you can include updates to the tour’s progress with new venues added as you book them. The basic email campaign can be preset and all you have to do is drop in the new dates as they become firm. This can serve to motivate a booker to join the tour as they see all the other venues booking you.

Here are the takeaways:

  1. Consistent, timely contact with bookers, offering relevant market building information using email, can influence bookings.
  2. Pre-planned email campaigns, focused on your specific audience group, can develop deeper, ongoing relationships with that audience.

Do you have separate lists for fans, bookers and media? Have you further separated your lists for different kinds of venue types such as festivals, schools, house concerts, private events, corporate gigs?

    Next week: Email campaigns to your media contacts

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