Does Your Performance Sell You?

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Does Your Performance Sell You - by Jeri Goldstein     

Does your performance sell you once you are doing your show?

There you are, on stage, finally, doing your show. All those months making calls, sending promo, returning emails, pitching your act. Then you get the gig, you issue contracts, promo kits, stage plots and advance your gig so everything will be just right for the performance.

And now you are on stage, finally, doing your show. The selling is over, you can relax into your art.

Wrong. Now you’ve got the audience’s attention, the staff and management of the venue are all

watching. Perhaps some media have shown up and you might get a review. This is what you’ve worked for all those months. This moment is now yours. Now it is time to really sell yourself, show them what you are all about, give them all you’ve got.

Does your performance sell you?

When the show is on, you must be on 110%, because you haven’t worked all those months for just this gig—you are working for your future gigs. You are building new fans and relationships on that stage so you can book another gig or get a gig nearby.

Once you are on that stage, you have the ultimate opportunity to really sell your act and yourself—so don’t ever feel like this is the time to relax.

Oh, and it is not just those on stage moments that are selling moments. Every moment you are interacting with the staff and the audience are selling moments. The staff certainly remembers how you conduct yourself from the moment they meet you until the moment you drive away from the venue. The audience remembers your stage presence as well as the intermission interactions at the merch table or when you are signing autographs or even if they simply run into you in the hall. Does your performance sell you during every moment you are on site?

Take a look at your show and make sure you are using every moment on stage to sell yourself into your future, win new fans and build ongoing relationships with the staff and management at each venue.

Consider your off-stage performance as well. How do you deal with any challenge that might arise? How do you treat the staff and volunteers?

What can you do to raise the level of your performances so that you don’t lose a moment’s opportunity to turn every gig into future gigs and every audience into loyal long-time fans?

Does your performance sell you each and every time you perform?

How have you turned each gig into future gigs? Do you have a plan that you follow? Perhaps you need to create a plan to implement for every gig.

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