Do You Have Success Habits

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Do You Have Success Habits - by Jeri Goldstein     

Do you have success habits to move you from one level of your career to the next?

As Christmas week rapidly approaches, I start thinking of my Christmas week routines. Every year I go into this automatic mode of review, prepare and plan.

I like to take inventory of what happened the previous year, what I accomplished, what worked and what did not, what distractions got me off my plan and what I was able to salvage from those distractions. Then, I clear my files from last year to prepare for the new year and once that’s done, I begin to plan out next year.

I’ve been doing this for years, so for me it is routine and my annual habit. It works for me and it feels great kicking off the new year ready to go, ready to get right to work.

What are your end-of-year habits or rituals or routines? How do you get ready? Do you have any success habits that help you get going with determination and certainty?

If not, then this just might be the year to set up a new end-of- year, kick-off-the-new-year habit.

The first thing that might help you with this process is to realize that it is a process. I love the three steps that I’ve used and highly recommend some form of them as potential success habits for you.

Step One is Review:

Look back and celebrate your successes and understand what made them a success so you can repeat those processes. Think about the things you tried and might not have worked and understand why and what you might have to change or tweak just a bit. See what you accomplished as well as what got left undone so you might add those items to your plans for the next year.

 Step Two is Prepare:

Get yourself ready for what you have planned already, upcoming tours, projects and goals. Do what is necessary to make those plans a success and get ready to work on new plans not yet made. Prepare yourself mentally for your future successes.

Step Three is Plan:

Even though you probably have tour dates on the books already and many projects previously planned for, you may not have worked out all the details, the marketing or the additional projects and tours. This is the perfect time to get your thoughts in alignment with all of your plans, set time-lines and make lists for how you’ll move forward with each project.


For me though, there is always one finial major piece to this end-of-year success habit. I like to give my new year, focus. Of all the things you might do during the new year, is there one theme, one central priority, one major goal you would like to make happen above all others. Is there one thing that will drive you, push you forward to your next level of success?

Give this some thought and design your end-of-year success habit. Let me know what you either already do or what you’ve come up with for your new habit to help this next year be one of your best.

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