Do You Celebrate Your Accomplishments

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Do You Celebrate Your Accomplishments - by Jeri Goldstein     

 Do you celebrate your accomplishments? Christmas is here, New Years one week away. It is time to celebrate your accomplishments.

I believe in review and assessment and also reality checks to make sure you are not glossing over things that need tweaking. But, don’t you deserve some high fives and kudos now and again?

This is a great time to give yourself a hand and celebrate your hard work over the last twelve months. With all the revels happening all around you, don’t you think it’s time you raised a glass to yourself?

Why not reach right over and pat yourself on the back in acknowledgement of what you accomplished this year? Go on, don’t be shy. You really do deserve it. After all, when you look back, I’ll bet you find that a bunch of the dreams you had as last year began, actually did come true. You did that! You made that happen! Yeah YOU!

You don’t congratulate yourself half as much as you ought to. Things are moving along, no matter at what pace you are moving, they are moving forward and you need to cherish that about yourself.

So this week as you join with friends and family to celebrate Christmas and New Years, make sure you give yourself the gift of acknowledgement for where you have taken your career in the last twelve months to end up in this place at this moment.

I know that I will be celebrating you and I’ll also do a bit of self-congratulating for my accomplishments as well. It has been a year in my world and I am incredibly grateful to see where things have gone since last Christmas.

So cheers, to you and all you do. Celebrate YOU this week and get yourself ready for an even better New Year.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

How are you going to celebrate you this holiday season?

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