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Anything You Want

Anything You Want, by Derek Sivers

From the moment, Derek contacted me about my book, How to Be Your Own Booking Agent, I’ve watched his little business, CD Baby, grow into a not-so-little business and was amazed at how it doubled every year.

This very honest account of how he grew CD Baby from a basement cottage hobby to a warehouse Indie institution, is thoughtful, concise, informative and inspiring. If you are running any kind of business and especially if you are a musician running your own business, this book of insightful stories, lessons learned will be a boon to your view of the really important stuff to focus on.

These lessons make sense, plain and simple. With all the how-to books, videos and friendly advice one can be inundated by, learn from Derek’s down-to-earth, come-from-the-heart lessons learned from trial and error, listen-to-your-heart and do-what’s-right-for-you method.

Clearly Derek Sivers is a different sort of a business founder and his stories demonstrate that. Yet, it always comes right down to being yourself and relying on YOUR creativity that will make a difference in how well your business life goes.

If the stories in this little book are any indication of how taking the opposite approach from the crowd can work in your favor, then learn these lessons well. If the lessons in this book can offer you a direction or a theme to guide you, it would be to dare to be unique, strive to follow your heart no matter how far you may stray from what everyone else is doing. Let the creative in you take over and influence your moves so you do stand out from the rest. But most of all, run your business in the service of your customer’s betterment. Let them always be your guide. Great, quick read that get’s to the heart of what being in business is all about.

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