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delegating verses dumping

Delegating Versus Dumping - by Jeri Goldstein     

Delegating versus dumping is a delicate matter.

There is always some part of your business that you would like just to have someone else do for you. How often do you say, “If only I had…” you fill in the blank, an agent, a manager, a publicist, an assistant.

No matter who works with you on your behalf, you still need to be in charge. After all, it is your career.

When or if you ever have that person working for you, you need to make a choice as to how you will manage the relationship and the flow of work. You may delegate specific aspects of your business over to them, or you might just dump all the work you hate doing on them.

Obviously, I’m setting this up to favor one over the other, delegating versus dumping. Yet, I speak with so many artists who, in their eagerness to relieve themselves of those undesirable tasks, end up dumping huge amounts of work upon their new-found work partner. The problem here, of course, is creating a state of overwhelm and ultimately a set up for failure.

A much more desirable approach would be to strategically delegate bits of your work, over a planned time, so that your assistant may adapt to the tasks and succeed in their execution.

Delegating is an art form. When done right it is graceful, specific, easy-going and well-managed, not micro-managed. It may only be done well when you know your own business intimately, all the moving parts, the hard tasks as well as the easy.

Learn How and What to Delegate

If you are at a point in your career where you are working with an assistant or having team members assist with your career in any capacity, learn how and what to delegate. Know your income producing tasks and your support tasks. Know when to delegate the appropriate tasks and when to hold fast and do certain tasks yourself.

Don’t hold yourself back by remaining in tight control of tasks that might more effectively be done by another. And don’t be so eager to hand over pieces of your livelihood that you dump too much too soon on someone else, thinking you are serving your career well. Find your balance, your timing, and your comfort zone, but, don’t be afraid to stretch and reach beyond that place so you may grow.

Well-managed delegating is also trusting in yourself, the person you are working with and your ability to organize the tasks at hand.

Here’s to finding the right balance in your life of delegating versus dumping. How well do you manage to delegate the tasks in your business? Have you ever found yourself dumping too much on someone who is trying to help? What have your results been?

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