Defining Success

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Defining Success - by Jeri Goldstein     

Defining success for your career and life must be based on your success parameters only.

Let’s get one thing straight from the start, everyone’s definition of success is going to be different. And that really goes for musicians and performing artists.

When it comes to touring, your definition of what makes a successful gig or tour could also be unlimited. Perhaps it was a success because you lost less money than you thought you would, or broke even. Perhaps you sold more CDs than you anticipated or even got more PR coverage than ever before.

To define success you enter into an evolving process and each project requires you to set your personal success parameters for that specific project. No matter what the project, the gig, the tour or whether you are defining success for your entire career, the first step is always to create your definition, set up your expectations and create a measurable set of targets you can attempt to hit.

Most importantly though, make this YOUR definition and not someone else’s. You may have people close to you or someone held in high regards that holds a success model before you. Or perhaps there is someone whose ideals you feel you must live up to who constantly chatters at you in your mind. Dismiss the chatter, set aside the ideals of others. They are all well-meaning. But defining success on your own terms are the only ones that count for you.

Success doesn’t just happen though. You can’t know whether something has been a success unless you set some goals to reach for, some parameters within which you are able to judge the outcome.

This week, spend a few moments looking at your next project and give yourself some targets to hit, define what will make this project a success according to YOU. Do this before each new gig, each new tour, each new project and you just may have a career that is on a roll toward success-as defined by YOU!

How have you been doing so far at defining success for you? Are there things you might change? Have you set some achievable goals to help you define your own success?

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