David Wimble Interview – Get Great Gigs Podcast Episode 002

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Get Great Gigs Podcast

The Creation of the Indie Bible and the Useful Suite of Directories:

This is the second episode of the Get Great Gigs Podcast.

Part One: Episode Description

David Wimble InterviewYou may be familiar with David Wimble as the creator of The Indie Bible and a few other directories that have been helping artists book and promote their gigs throughout the U.S., Canada and now around the world. Get ready for my interview with David Wimble and find out how he got started and what it takes to put together each useful directory. David who is also a musician, took on the task of helping other musicians by creating the directories to help connect to media, gigs, agents and now, online streaming platforms.

I can’t wait for you to hear this interview.

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Part Two: News You Can Use

I sent a note out the other day about these congressional pieces of legislation, but it is worth another reminder.

The Restart Act and the Save Our Stages Act are now up for votes in Congress. Thanks for sending your notes to your reps a few weeks ago. It did the trick to get it to the next stage. Now we need to send another note to our reps to get them to cast their vote in favor of the support necessary to keep music venues alive through this pandemic.  

When it’s safe to resume normal life again, we’re going to need live music and comedy more than ever. Please help @NIVAssoc with federal funding by supporting & cosponsoring S. 3814/H.R. 7481, the RESTART Act  and Save Our Stages Act More info: saveourstages.com 

Please go to saveourstages.com and fill out the form which automatically goes to your state’s representatives in congress. 

The pre-written letter explains all the details. Just fill in your info and done. 

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