Contracts Why You Need Them

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Contracts Why You Need Them - by Jeri Goldstein     

Contracts Why You Need Them

Contracts why you need them may baffle you so here’s a quick Biz Booster to help you understand just how important it is to issue a contract for every gig.

I read a lot of emails lately that talk about getting burned by venues because there was no contract on the date. You worked so hard to get the gig. Now you need to make sure it is real!

Trust is a wonderful thing and you want to trust the booker who gave you the date. You want to trust they will promote the date, that you’ll be on their website’s calendar list of upcoming events, that they will pay you at the end of the night the amount and the percentage that you discussed and agreed to on the phone or in your email.

The way to make sure that all of those things happen, is to issue a contract.

Now don’t get scared because the word contract sounds like you have make your contract all legalese. You need to simply document the details. A contract is simply a written history of your agreement. It doesn’t have to be long and filled with complicated language, (although there is a reason for that language, but I’ll get to that some other time).

For now, you just have to create something that helps you and the person doing the booking document what you discussed and agreed to and you need to do this each and every time you book a date. Once you have something in writing that states all of the details you discussed, you each sign and have a copy of this agreement, then you are speaking the same language and your trust is now bound by something you can each refer to later.

If you have a question about something that you thought would be taken care of, but wasn’t, you can look at the contract and say, that was your job or that was my job.

Mostly, it will give you peace of mind, that you are supposed to be somewhere on a specific date at a specific time to play. And you will know for sure, that they will be waiting for you, expecting you, will hopefully have promoted your gig and will, at the end of the performance, pay you what you agreed upon.

Please begin using some kind of contract for every gig you book. This one act can raise your level of professionalism and help you begin to be taken seriously.

I have a contract package that may work for you and in honor of this Biz Booster, I’ll offer it to you here at a discount so you may get your New Year off on the right foot.

Discount Contract Forms

Do you issue a contract for every gig you book? Have you been burned on those occasions when you haven’t?

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