Conquer Your Empty Calendar Syndrome

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conquer Your Empty Calendar Syndrome

It’s time to conquer your empty calendar syndrome!

Here it is November. As you look at your calendar for the new year, January February, March and even into the summer months, are you relieved to see tons of booked gigs filling dates far into your future? OR are you shocked to see week after week with no gigs staring back at you, better known in my world as the “Empty Calendar Syndrome.”

As a booking agent, I dreaded seeing empty calendars and struggled to get those tours booked far enough in advance, so I never had to deal with “empty calendar syndrome.”

That prompted me to come up with a strategy to book more great gigs further into my artist’s future. And I’d love to help you do the same with your calendar, so you never have to deal with “Empty Calendar Syndrome.”  There is a solution and when implemented year after year, there are tons of benefits.

Join me in the free webinar I’ll be doing with Dave Kusek and Chelsea Ira from the New Artist Model on

Tuesday, November 19th at 1 pm Eastern.

We will be talking about 4 Proven Strategies to Book Better Gigs and conquering your “Empty Calendar Syndrome,” is yet another of the four proven strategies I’ll be sharing.

So join us on Tuesday, November 19th at 1 pm Eastern for a fun, free webinar :

4 Proven Strategies to Book Better Gigs and put some of this stuff to use in your touring career immediately.


Sign up NOW so you get a spot.

4 Proven Strategies to Book Better Gigs

Can’t wait to share this good stuff with you.

See you on Tuesday the 19th at 1 pm. Put this on your calendar.

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