Conquer Phone Phobia

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conquer Phone Phobia

Conquer Phone Phobia - by Jeri Goldstein     

Conquer Phone Phobia, conquer the fear of making phone calls. So what’s behind this phobia, why is it so common among artists who book themselves and more importantly is it affecting you?

In my recent survey, many artists responded citing the below as the top three factors getting in the way of making booking calls.

  1. Fear of rejection—now that is a big one that almost every artist’s response included. This one has the potential to make you avoid calling prospective bookers no matter what. No one likes to be rejected, right? But, as an artist doing your own booking, it could be even more of a problem because you often feel like your work is being rejected, and that hurts. I’ll be discussing how to conquer this phobia and reduce fear of rejection next week.
  2. The next obstacle you may be experiencing when attempting to make calls, is not being sure of what you are going to say. When that occurs you may come off sounding scattered and unprofessional. This will certainly add to you lack of confidence in an already uncomfortable situation. I’ve got your back on this phobia and will offer some great suggestions in two weeks.
  3. The third most often cited reason is, many artists are hesitant to make booking calls because they don’t like to sell themselves or to “blow their own horn.” I’ve heard this often. They don’t like listing their accomplishments in a self-promoting way. I’ll help you conquer this one in three weeks with some really easy to implement ideas.

These are just some of the most often talked about reasons that make it hard for self-booking artists to actually pick up the phone and call on their own behalf.

Next week, I’ll start a three-part series of suggestions on how you might conquer these causes for phone phobia and help you to find ways to set yourself up for a more positive relationship with booking calls and conquer phone phobia once and for all.

I don’t care how many mass email mailers you may send to potential bookers, reality is, that each booking is a relationship-building opportunity, requiring you to deal with individuals and their unique situation. Become more comfortable with the eventual one-to-one relationship building techniques and use the phone call or strategically written email to boost your bookings forever.

Please share some of your successes and how you conquered your phone phobia.

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I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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