Conquer Phone Phobia Let Testimonials Do The Selling

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Conquer Phone Phobia Let Testimonials Do The Selling

Conquer Phone Phobia Let Testimonials Do The Selling - by Jeri Goldstein     

Conquer phone phobia let testimonials do the selling is the last of this three part series. It is also the third most cited type of phone phobia by artists—Selling Yourself. How do you establish your value with the person you are speaking with, to get a gig?

I often hear that artists don’t like to “blow their own horn” and talk about themselves in a positive promotional manner. It’s often uncomfortable to talk about yourself and what a great act you are. So why not let others tell your story for you and use their words—not yours?

This is why getting testimonials, media quotes and reviews is so important for every gig you do. These words about your act by media, promoters, and fans can help you tell your story while you are speaking to potential buyers.

Let’s say the buyer asks you why they should book you over another act. You can pull out your review in the “such and such newspaper” that said, “The band delivers every time, the audiences loved them.” You can also pull out the testimonial from the presenter and say, “well here’s what Presenter x from the ABC performing arts center said about working with us,” then recite the testimonial.

This method of “blowing your own horn” becomes less painful and is much more credible. The buyer you are speaking with will be much more moved by the words of another presenter, rather than your own anyway.

So make every effort to get those kinds of testimonials and quotes from previous places you’ve played and try very hard to invite reviewers to your gigs so you can get those reviews. They may not show up right away, but keep inviting them and eventually they will start to show up. This will give you valuable feedback and usable comments to help tell your story or establish your value in their markets. It will make it much easier for you to sell yourself when you use the words of others who the buyer will hold in high regard.

Conquer phone phobia let testimonials do the selling. I know it will help you get many more gigs in the future as you dive into making your phone calls to book gigs.

How often do you use your testimonials, quotes and reviews to do your selling for you?

Do you have an ongoing plan to get a testimonial from every gig you do?

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I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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