Compelling Mailing List Invites

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Compelling Mailing List Invites

Compelling Mailing List Invites - by Jeri Goldstein     

Do you have compelling mailing list invites on your website or at your shows?

As you gaze at your home page, you might have placed an invitation to sign up for your mailing list somewhere on that page. You know exactly where it is. Perhaps in the upper right-hand corner or bottom left corner or bottom right corner or even in the middle of the page somewhere. And it probably says something like sign up for my mailing list. OK, here’s my question to you… Why! That’s right, why should I sign up for your mailing list?

I know this sounds silly, you’re probably thinking, why not or because then you can get a ton of emails from me telling you about my next CD or show or event. That’s all great, but in this day of so much spam landing in my inbox, I probably need some more compelling mailing list invites for me to sign up for your mailing list.

So here are a few questions you might ask yourself if you want to really entice people to sign up.

  1. What can I give my list members that would be of interest to them beyond the normal calendar of my upcoming dates, news of my CD releases or other events?
  2. What can I offer them that would be more compelling to entice them to give me their email address?
  3. What could I give them that is of value to them?

You might notice that when you go to my website,, I offer you a free report, 5 Booking Strategies That Really Work and get Biz Booster Hot Tips every Monday. I offer you something that will help you in your career.

Let’s say you have students. Would your students be more interested in signing up, if every week or for a period of time they got a brief email message with a specific teaching tip. That would make it more interesting. It would be like getting a few mini-lessons.

Offering a free download to a new song has worked, but might be getting old with so much free music available. Perhaps a free PDF of a signed poster or photo upon signing up. What if people on the mailing list get advanced noticed of ticket sale dates or a chance for two complimentary tickets to a show when you are in their area. That might certainly get their attention and offer more compelling mailing invites.

In this information-rich world, exchanging emails for something of value creates a much deeper connection with your mailing list members. Sure they are probably interested in knowing your whereabouts and goings on so they can possibly attend, but there might be more that can be offered to solidify and grow your relationship.

So this week, come up with 3 ideas that can help make your invitation to sign up for your mailing list more compelling. I’d like to see your list grow so you can sell more CDs and get more folks coming to your shows.

Do you have compelling mailing list invites? What percentage of visitors to your site actually sign your mailing list?

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I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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