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PerformingBIZ Coaching
Purpose Driven Career Development Program

What can you do today in the service of your art that may help change someone’s life tomorrow?

Whether you have just decided you would like to help a friend with their career or you have been managing other artists for a while, designing your life as a manager deserves specific attention to how you manage your life along with your artists. As a manager, you are the point person helping to shape and design the artist’s career. You provide the big picture planning, the open door to new ideas and opportunities.

Your industry insight is essential to your artist’s career development.

This is where PerformingBIZ Coaching becomes and essential resource and support system to help you achieve your goals and your artist’s goals. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or move at a snail’s pace for lack of knowledge.

I worked as an artist’s manager for 20 years. Together, we will use the 5 Career Igniting Factors: Career Overview, New Ideas, Industry Insight, Opportunity Awareness and Financial Oversight to examine your business as a manger, understand your responsibilities, address your concerns and discover how to maximize the career potential of each artist under your management in order to increase your own career growth potential and financial worth. We will create appropriate policies and procedures to keep your work and life’s purpose as a manager productive and in alignment with your life.