Arts Councils with Touring Rosters

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What can you do today in the service of your art that may help change someone’s life tomorrow?

Arts councils offer touring artists a direct link to presenting organizations as well as other career growth resources. Artists often need insight and knowledge as to how to maximize their opportunities as a roster artist. While having made it through the selection process to get onto the roster, an artist could still use career-boosting insights and knowledge to help maximize all of their booking and touring business skills.

Having worked with arts councils around the U.S. and in Canada, there are 4 ways you may collaborate with me and my Strategic Touring Programs to help your roster artists create a more successful touring career.

  1. Workshops & Seminars:

    I offer workshops and seminars that may be included during an annual conference or as a stand-alone special event for your roster artists. I have a number of proven topics that specifically address most artist concerns or I can work with you to design a program to suite your conference theme.

    Workshop & Seminar Topics

  2. Online Course:

    I have partnered with arts councils to offer their roster artists and non-roster artists an opportunity to take my Booking & Touring Success Strategies & Secrets Online Course. This multi-module audio course is designed so that the student can download all the information and take the course on their own schedule to fit their learning and lifestyle needs. Topics covered in the course include: Tour Goals & Planning Strategies; Routing Tours, Negotiation Techniques & Contracts; Working with Presenters, Bookers, Promoters/Advancing the Date; Targeting Your Markets for Maximum Audiences; Performing for Causes and Sponsorships: Tapping into Your Community’s Pocketbook.

    You market the course to your roster artists while I provide marketing copy and pre-written emails for your newsletter and mailings. I tailor-price the course at one-half the retail price for you and then we decide whether the arts council will cover half of that cost for each artist who signs up or if the artist will pay the total reduced price on their own.

  3. Technical Assistance Grants to Artists for Coaching

    Offer your roster of artists an opportunity to apply for a grant to work with me in my 3 Month PerformingBIZ Coaching Program. I would assist you in designing an application and an evaluation to assess the benefits after the program is over. Together we would approve the artist or artists. You may decide how many artists you would be interested in funding. Information about the opportunity would be disseminated through your newsletter and in your website’s Resources section.

  4. Resource Partner

    Having business savvy touring artists on your roster enhances the value of the arts council’s touring programs to the organizations which you serve. Our partnership gives you access to an industry resource with over 37 years of booking and touring experience, a background in working with arts councils throughout the U.S. and in Canada and insights into the needs and concerns of roster touring artists. Our partnership could involve 2 aspects:

    1. Program referral to your roster artists by strategically offering program information in predetermined newsletters throughout the year.
    2. Including links to the programs in your website’s Resource section.