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PerformingBIZ Coaching
Purpose Driven Career Development Program

What can you do today in the service of your art that may help change someone’s life tomorrow?

Approach your performing career confidently each day, with immediate access to savvy industry advice and strategies that maximize your talent and grow your audience. turn your ideas into achievable action plans that get you the gigs, the media, and the audience you desire.

As a self-booking, self-managed musician and performing artist, you are often faced with new opportunities that could boost your career development—but, you may not know how to take advantage of them. Other times you may be confronted with situations that challenge your current level of industry experience and business know-how—but, you don’t have someone to ask how to achieve the best results?

As a creative artist, you are concerned with balancing your time between developing your art and paying attention to the details of growing your business so you keep the money coming in. Finding time to also research new opportunities for performing, marketing, promotion, creative collaborations and funding to fuel your projects, can be demanding.

This is where PerformingBIZ Coaching becomes and essential resource and support system to help you achieve your goals.