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PerformingBIZ Coaching
Purpose Driven Career Development Program

What can you do today in the service of your art that may help change someone’s life tomorrow?

As an artist-oriented service provider, your clients and members rely on your services to enhance their careers. By offering resources that continue to do that, you increase your value to your clients. As an organization working with performing artists, musicians or visual artists, the greater their success, the more your company grows to reach and serve more artists.

My services are designed to help you help your clients maximize their career growth. By partnering with me to offer any of the services below, you will touch upon one or many aspects of career development that will build upon the services you already offer.

  1. Workshops & Seminars:

    I offer workshops and seminars that may be included as a stand-alone special event for your artists. I have a number of proven topics that specifically address most artist concerns or I can work with you to design a program to suit your specific theme.

    Workshop & Seminar Topics

  2. Online Course:

    I have partnered with other service organizations to offer artists an opportunity to take my Booking & Touring Success Strategies & Secrets Online Course. This multi-module audio course is designed so that the student can download all the information and take the course on their own schedule to fit their learning and lifestyle needs. Topics covered in the course include: Tour Goals & Planning Strategies; Routing Tours, Negotiation Techniques & Contracts; Working with Presenters, Bookers, Promoters/Advancing the Date; Targeting Your Markets for Maximum Audiences; Performing for Causes and Sponsorships: Tapping into Your Community’s Pocketbook.

    You market the course to your artists while I provide marketing copy and pre-written emails for your newsletter and mailings. I offer the course at a reduced price for your clients only and which may be used as a sign-up incentive for new clients or a renewal incentive to keep old ones. You will receive a percentage of each course sold to your clients. We can design a specific launch time frame, length of launch and availability with targeted promotions pre-set to work within your year’s planning for maximum impact on the largest number of your clients.

  3. Coaching for Artists

    Offer your artists an opportunity for access to my PerformingBIZ Coaching Career Development Programs. Information about the opportunity would be disseminated through your newsletter or email blasts and in your website’s Resource section. You would derive a percentage for each client who signs up.

  4. Organization Coaching

    Use my coaching program to grow your organization, maximize your existing services to truly hit your target audience. Create a more focused copy, email communications, and program offerings to serve your clients better.