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PerformingBIZ Coaching
Purpose Driven Career Development Program

What can you do today in the service of your art that may help change someone’s life tomorrow?

As a start-up agency, you are faced with creating a new business, finding the right artists to work with and setting up your operating policies and procedures. If you are also new to the industry, then you must also develop a working knowledge of industry jargon and connections.

As an established agency, you must maintain your artist/agent relationships as well as your agent/presenter relationships. You may be experiencing a shift in the type of artist you desire to represent or require insight into how to handle certain situations that come up. Understanding how to add or change your roster, develop new markets, collaborate with other agencies and maintain a level of ongoing business in a challenging economic environment may represent a few of your challenges.

This is where PerformingBIZ Coaching becomes an essential resource and support system to help you achieve your goals and meet those challenges.

I worked as an agent for 20 years. Together, we will use the 5 Career Igniting Factors: Career Overview, New Ideas, Industry Insight, Opportunity Awareness and Financial Oversight to examine your agency plans, concerns and each of your current or potential artists on your roster. We will create appropriate policies and procedures to keep your work and life’s purpose as an agent productive and in alignment with your life.