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CD Sales At Benefits - by Jeri Goldstein     

CD sales at benefits and fundraisers can be a challenge.

When you perform at a fundraising event where the set up is not necessarily conducive to selling your CDs in the normal manner, all is not lost.

This is a topic you need to discuss with the organizer during your gig negotiations. Don’t assume that because you are performing at their event, you’ll be able to set up a merchandise table. On the other hand, don’t assume you won’t be able to sell either.

So let’s make it one of those items you get clarity on right from the start. Open your discussions by asking them if you could help to raise even more money for the cause by offering to make a contribution from each CD sold. I suggest your contribution should be at least $2.00 per CD, but you can offer whatever you like. By making this offer right from the start instead of asking whether you may sell CDs, you’ve already got their attention and they are more likely to say, “Yes.”

Once they agree, then they will be more enthusiastic about making your CD sales table more accessible and they will be all for you promoting your sales table at the event, knowing they get a piece of it.

The people attending the event will also be more likely to buy your CD knowing that a portion of the sale goes to the cause they care about.

Now your job is to make sure you promote the CD and the CD sales table with great enthusiasm mentioning the contribution bit often during the performance. Oh! Don’t forget to invite them to the table for an autograph. You might even create a multiple purchase donation to really get them buying, you know buy two CDs and you’ll donate $5.00, instead of $4.00. You’ll still come out way ahead in CD sales at benefits when you give this a try.

Start at your next benefit event.

How have you been creatively maximizing your CD sales at benefits?

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