Arts Advocacy Resources You Might Have Missed

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In an effort to keep track of some of the various arts advocacy information that might impact you, I'm passing along important messages and resources that come to me. Here are a few that relate to the current events of the last week along with COVID information impacting artists. The first is a powerful statement issued last week from  APAP - Association of Performing Arts Presenters. A Message of Solidarity Next, Ross Sutter shared a Webinar with me, Co-sponsored by Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, the Children’s Theater Company, and the Minnesota Theater Alliance with Dr. Osterholm, an internationally respected epidemiologist. He takes questions from Minnesota’s arts community. Webinar Link At 33 minutes the moderator is…

Get Great Gigs Podcast Theme Music Contest

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I would love to feature your music as the theme music for the new Get Great Gigs Podcast. Are you up for a small creative project? In the past I’ve held contests for the Biz Booster Hot Tip theme music. I’ve rotated themes and have been using my current theme music for a while, taken from Future Dance created by the UK band Curfew. Now I would like to feature a new piece for the upcoming podcast. Here are the details if you would like to submit a piece for consideration. Instrumental Music Only It needs to be upbeat immediately, snappy, punchy, jingle-like intro- NO long build-up Intro and outro…

Think Bigger To Get Higher Fees

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Think Bigger to Get Higher Fees

Are you ready to think bigger to get higher fees? I run into this all the time. Artists and other creatives are focused on their art, their music, their writing, etc. That focus keeps them thinking inwards. That keeps them focused on the day to day and most often the logistics and the minute details. Many artists are not in the habit of thinking BIG especially when it comes to thinking bigger to get higher fees. When it comes to negotiating gigs, I've found that so many musicians and performing artists willingly negotiate themselves into comfortably smaller fees. How about going for it and asking for what you really deserve…

Before You Have An Agent

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Before You Have An Agent

Before you have an agent and get ready to hand over your livelihood, here are some things that can help you prepare by building your business. Keep track of all your numbers: Tracking your numbers is so important if you want to pitch yourself to an agent. They will want to see proof of your market value. Nothing tells that story better than past ticket prices, fees you were paid, percentages over your guarantees and merchandise sales. These are the facts that tell your market value story. They are the numbers they and you can bank on and build upon. So, before you have an agent, if you’re not keeping…

Focus On Your Big Ticket Items

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Do you focus on your big ticket items? Have you ever considered how many CDs you must sell in order to equal the fees you get for playing your gigs? Think about this now and then take a look at your website. Now what is the first thing you are trying to promote to your visitors, your CD or how to book you for a gig? Most websites I view are focused on selling their CDs above anything else. That is a $10, $15, or $20 item. Even if you are booking lower paying gigs, say at $300, it will take 20 CDs at $15 to equal a single gig.…