Pitch Your Music From Your Website

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Here are 4 steps to help you pitch your music from your website. You may have often thought that it would be great to get your songs covered by another artist or that your music would be great in a movie, on TV or even in an educational project. Before that can happen it might be useful to prepare your music offerings so they can be easily searched by those in need. To help you pitch your music from your website begin by doing the following 4 steps: Step 1. Organize all of your recorded music by category. For instance: Love songs, ballads, songs of loss, political songs, uplifting songs,…

Record Deal vs DIY

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In response to recent information floating around the blogosphere about the old record deal model versus the new DIY model being more profitable for the artist, I thought I’d throw in some aspects that might not have been considered.There are 4-pieces of this puzzle that must be weighed before making an official judgment one way or another.The business of a record labelThe record contract and ultimately, the individual dealOwnership of the master recording and the mechanical rightsComparison costs Label vs. DIYContinuing with the loan analogy, perhaps you borrow the recording money from your folks or Uncle Joe or a really great friend or even an investor and they agree to…