Johnette Downing Interview

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Johnette Downing Interview

Johnette Downing is a multi-award-winning children’s performer, early childhood educator, author and an ambassador of Louisiana Roots culture and arts around the world. She shares her heritage and passion for teaching children. In this lively episode Johnette talks about her roots, her projects, her recordings, and books. Often referred to as the pied piper of Louisiana music traditions, Johnette’s concerts, author visits and educator workshops are now being retrofit to work live and online. I’m excited to share a peek into this artist’s work. Check out this week's episode: Johnette Downing Interview- Episode 011 If you have topics that are challenging you in your career and would like to suggest…

Connect with Presenting Organizations

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Jessica Rosenblatt Interview- OAPN - Episode 9

Connect with presenting organizations close to home to find great resources in your state, region or country. Ohio Arts Professionals Network - OAPN, can help you take your performance game to new levels. In this episode, I’m speaking with the Executive Director of the Ohio Arts Professionals Network. This is a network of presenting organizations, artist, agents, and managers who rely on for statewide resources and connections to present the performing arts throughout Ohio. As most presenting organizations, OAPN has had to adjust their programming due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, I wanted to speak with Jessica Rosenblatt to find out just what Presenter Networks like OAPN are dealing…

Creating Sustainable Performing Careers – Even Now

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Dean Regan Interview - Episode 008

If you are a performing artist, a touring musician and were struggling to create a viable career before the pandemic, then this episode is for you. If you are weighing whether to keep or quit your day job, if you have one, and go full-time with your performing career, when you are able, then you want to meet my next guest and gain some insights into what’s possible. I’m speaking with a dynamic music talent, a singer, dancer, actor, speaker and a licensed spiritual counselor. Dean Regan’s performances have taken him around the world including performances on Broadway and even The White House. Dean’s energetic, uplifting performances and experiences continue…

College Market Gigs Exploring NACA

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Amber Shaverdi Huston Interview - Episode 007

Getting gigs on college campuses wasn’t a new thing 60 years ago, but creating an efficient cooperative buying strategy was. My interview with the National Association of Campus Activities, Executive Director, Amber Shaverdi Huston sheds light on the benefits this 60-year old organization offers to their college buyers, agents, and artists. If you have ever thought about adding college gigs to your touring career, even during this pandemic, then check out this interview. They have incorporated a whole virtual platform on their website to help all their members navigate these challenging times and plan for future college gigs, both streaming and live. If you have ever attempted booking college gigs…

How to Stay Connected with Buyers and Presenters

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Michael Carducci Interview - Episode 006

How do career as a magician and an enterprise software developer coexist to create a lucrative performing career with a completely unique niche audience? You will find that out in my interview with Michael Carducci, magician and enterprise software developer, who struggled to stay connected with prospective buyers. He solved this problem for himself and performers world-wide, as you’ll discover in our interview. You will also be surprised to hear our conversation about how being diagnosed with ADD influenced his life. Michael shares some pretty powerful insights into how to work with what you’ve got to change outcomes and open new possibilities. He also offers a clear perspective on how…

Helping Artists Discover Their Unique Niche Markets

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Erica Wheeler Interview - Episode 005

I often help artists discover their unique niche target audience to help them create viable, profitable, sustaining careers. That is why I’m so excited to share Erica Wheeler’s story with you. She is a singer singer/songwriter who created her a unique service for a specific audience. She designed her programs out of the love she has for nature and the environment. Check out my lively interview with Erica Wheeler, a keynote speaker, a workshop experience and community engagement leader and yes, an award-winning singer/songwriter. She tapped into her passion for place to discover her niche. Go to this week’s Episode 005 to hear my interview. Erica Wheeler Interview– Episode 005…

David Wimble Interview – Get Great Gigs Podcast Episode 002

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Get Great Gigs Podcast

The Creation of the Indie Bible and the Useful Suite of Directories: This is the second episode of the Get Great Gigs Podcast. Part One: Episode Description You may be familiar with David Wimble as the creator of The Indie Bible and a few other directories that have been helping artists book and promote their gigs throughout the U.S., Canada and now around the world. Get ready for my interview with David Wimble and find out how he got started and what it takes to put together each useful directory. David who is also a musician, took on the task of helping other musicians by creating the directories to help…